Monday, 12 January 2009

The Actors Who Will Bring You the Cheese Chapters

Well, it’s certainly been a busy weekend for me, I was working on the script, had to deal with my school homework and on top of that I had to go searching for a new cat to replace Henry. Anyway, it’s been a busy weekend but I’m sure you’re expecting some exclusive info on the Cheese Chapters and of course I have it, I have the cast list for the movie right here and I’m going to show you who’s playing who. (See anyone you recognise from previous films?)

Note: This information is not written in stone, I’ve still got a few minor roles to cast so this is not the complete cast list, however I will edit this post if changes are made.

Main/Supporting Characters

  • Paul Johnson (New actor!) – Bob Lon
  • Dane Trotter – Alan Lon
  • Cetin Oz – The voice of The Cheese
  • Anil Kurban - Dr. Ludwig Schneider

Minor Characters

  • Anil Kurban – George
  • Julian Pichelski – News Reporter
  • Alex Seaman (New actor!) - Minor Role