Wednesday, 7 January 2009

The Cheese is Coming...

A cursed house, a giant man-eating cheese and a boy who seems to know all too much about it all. If you're wondering what the hell I'm talking about then you probably have not guessed that it's TCOC's latest project: The Cheese Chapters!

But what why make a movie about cheese you may ask and the answer is why not? With my team of actors and writers plus a couple of new people, we've managed to build together a rough idea of the script.

But who are the people making this ridiculous idea a reality? Well the script will be written by me with help along the way from Dane Trotter (Writer of James the Slayer: Everything's at Stake) Also starring is Anil Kurban, Dane Trotter, Cetin Oz, plus some new faces to the family.

But when will this movie be available on YouTube? Unfortunately were still only in the first stages, and we are planning on making this our longest feature yet, so just sit back for now and look forward to this simply cheesy adventure.

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