Monday, 6 April 2009

Unfortunate Delays

Well, it's the Easter holidays and now should be the time we begin filming 'The Cheese Chronicles' but unfortunatly our leading actor, Paul Johnson is away for the holidays, this was very annoying for me but as Paul is needed in a lot of the scenes it seems that the Cheese Chronicles will have to be delayed for the time being, luckily Dane had a backup plan that was due to be filmed after the Cheese Chronicles and I'm sure that you can guess what it is. Yes, it's 'James the Slayer 2: Coffin' Up Blood!' And yes we are sticking to another vampire themed pun and yes I probabley will write James the Slayer and anything related to it in red from now on. However the Cheese Chronicles is still our number 1 priority and will still be on YouTube before JTS2 is released, however as the loyal blog followers, once it's finished you can see it before anyone else on this blog. So, keep subscribed and stay tuned, we hope to entertain as soon as possible.