Saturday, 17 October 2009


(What? You say there's already a post with that name? Not any more, that's old news)

Who doesn't love Twitter. It's awesome, I know I've been using it for a while now. And I'm pleased to say that now, every one of us at TCOC is now on twitter. (I can't guarantee how much they'll update though) Here's our list:

  • TCOCJulian - Julian Pichelski (Me)
  • Gamerfan7 - Anil Kurban
  • EdawardAnthonyM - Dane Trotter
  • CetMister - Cetin Oz
  • chikenbling - Paul Johnson
  • CannonOfClips - This is a different kind of Twitter account, it's mainly automatically updated from differnt services but basically, it's solely on stuff that's TCOC related. (So mostly me moaning about how we never get enough filming done)