Friday, 12 February 2010

The Sunday Knights

Holy smeg, it was been an exhausting half-term! What with the entire studio 'staff' disbanding and leaving me on my own, plus the giant balancing bomb act that is my GCSEs, I've hardly had time to work on anything. (Yeah, that's my excuse for everything, I know)

But anyway, down to business! As you may know that I support independent film-makers and I'm over the moon when someone I know starts to make good, hard, proper stuff for the internet. (Even if they're stuff is better then my stuff) You may remember 'I WANNA BE ADORED' last December; made by my very own Uncle.

Well, this time I was approached by a teaching assistant in my school; who I know as Mr. Sawyer who said that he was planning on making a film called 'The Sunday Knights'. Now, the trailer is finally up on YouTube and so, as I promised, here it is, direct in everyone's favourite embedded player, The Sunday Knights!

(In case anyone is wondering, Mr. Sawyer is one of the two guys on the sofa, on the right)