Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Completely Random Post (Or is it…)

Well, I bet you never saw this coming, what with my pedantic nature and hatred of random space-filler posts, but I do actually have a reason. I really need to stop mentioning Twitter but it is Twitter related, not my Twitter account but The Cannon of Clips’ Twitter account. You see, whenever I post to this blog or someone posts to the Cannon of Clips Crew blog; a service called TwitterFeed is supposed to tell the Cannon of Clips’ Twitter account to post a link to the new post. Unfortunately it takes hours until each post is finally posted and sometimes it doesn’t post at all. So this post is to see if TwitterFeed can really be trusted with the Twitter/blog posting job. (Or whatever you prefer to call it.)

Actually, there are a few more small things I want to say before I end this post:

  • The Bodens ‘Behind the Dream’ series is finished, you can get a link to their YouTube page here! (I appear in parts 1, 2 and 8)
  • A new, upcoming little website/blog has just come out of the internet processing bin, it’s called calumk.com and it was made by my good friend Calum Knott, (See if you can see him in the Behind the Dream videos) I’m not sure exactly what the website is going to be about but I’m waiting for great things from it, so the more people that are watching it, the more pressured he’ll be to work on it!
  • More advertising, this time we’ll be staying right here in the ‘Blogspot’ domain with a blog created by an old friend I was happy to be reunited with at Midsummer, but not an actor this time. This photography based blog was created by a volunteer photographer, (At least I hope it was volunteered or all us actors have just been screwed!) Heather McCutcheon with a blog called ‘We're all Mad Here...’! (But who is madder, me or Heather?)
  • Please ‘Like’ The Cannon of Clips on Facebook! Just click the button in the sidebar! (This is why I hate the new page ‘Like’ buttons, they make me sound desperate. E.g. “Please like me!”)